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Product List

AP Collection

Electronic Product

   Stylish Stainless Steel Watch

      WA31503                 WA31508                   WA31509                WA31513

   Diver Watch

       WA31521                 WA31525                   WA31535 

     WA31540                  WA31544

   Titanium Diver Watch

     WA31552                        WA31555                       WA31567

   Plastic Analog Watch

      WA33032                 WA33034                   WA33144                 WA33193

     WA33383                 WA33468                   WA33747                     WA33751

   Leather Strap Watch

    WA32711                     WA32717                    WA32736

    WA32745                     WA32753                    WA32754

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Last modified:  December 15, 2000